Friday, February 26, 2010

Its official. I've been bipped.

I tried to avoid it. I really did. It seems like even I am not immune to this new craze that is going around the blogosphere. Chris, how could you? We have become such friends. Oh man. Its on now hahahaha.
I'm glad he sent me Pie and not someone like Ramon Hernandez. I would have cried. I actually like Pie. I was happy when he hit for the cycle last season, and I am really excited to see what he will do this year. Apparently, he is tearing the cover off the ball in spring training so far. I've been 'Pie' faced, lol.

So, if someone had to BIP me, I'm glad it was Chris. Thanks man. Watch your back though. You'll never know when I will sneak up on you and return the favor ;) .

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