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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Random Ripken Part 2 - The Sequel

I challenge anyone to tell me that this is not a beautiful card. In today's world, you have something like eleventeen different inserts and then you have the parallels of the inserts, the printing plates, the original conceptual drawing of the insert, the inside out version of the insert, the sine/cosine/tangent of the insert... you get my point.

Way back when, you could get a pack of cards for say, 99 cents. In this pack you got either a 50-year old piece of gum, a puzzle piece or a team sticker, depending on your brand of choice. You were lucky to get any kind of insert. Maybe a 'gold parallel' or Diamond King.

I remember pulling the above 1992 Cal Ripken Donruss Diamond King. I wish I had an amazing story to go with it. I do not. However, after 17 years, this card is still beautiful and I kind of wish sometimes we could go back to a more simplistic approach to inserts.

The 1992 Diamond King subset was definitely groundbreaking. It may very well have started the 'insert craze' of the early to mid 90s... The Dick Perez paintings were vastly different from the previous year's offerings.

With all the retro-themed sets going around now, I wouldn't mind a higher end product sporting nothing but these painting like cards... moreso than the Goodwins and Allen & Ginters. You guys see where I'm coming from, right? These cards were and are amazing. I love this one. What do you think??


Play at the Plate said...

That is a great card. I'm glad to still have the one I pulled out of a pack too.

Field of Cards said...

Yup great card. I hate when people just sweepingly say all cards from 1986-1994 are garbage. There's some great looking stuff even if it's not worth a lot.

beardy said...

Agreed, nice looking card.