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Friday, December 18, 2009

Mail Day: Jason Lives

Hooray for another awesomely bad sequel title to my mail Day posts...

I got a sweet package in the mail yesterday from Chris over at On Card Autos
He is still pretty stoked about the Nomars I sent him. They were pretty sweet, I do admit, b ut I was definitely pleasantly surprised at the amount of cards I got in return. I have scanned a few of them and they are featured below:

First, this Starquest NICK THE STICK!!! A very pretty card. I enjoy it highly.
Hey look, an Orioles minor leaguer that we will be hearing about once Brandon Snyder and Josh Bell get called up, Xavie Avery. I believe he was taken the same year as Wieters, but I could be mistaken. It has been a while, but from what I understand, he is going to be quite good.

Ahhh another O's prospect. L.J. Hoes. I think he was picked in 2008, the same year as Brian Matusz. I remember a time when the Os minor league system was as bare as the top of Stone Cold Steve Austin's head. Now, they have some legitimate prospects. It sure makes watching them exciting!!

I love the old school factor of this Chris Hoiles card. Gotta love the Sportflics cards... actually, no you don't. If these cards got any heat to them, they would curl up. Lame. THis is a great looking card though, and it is in a top loader to keep it from curling up on me.

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