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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 this is Christmas

...and what have we done? Another year over, a new one just begun.

Oh man, that's my favorite Christmas song. Classic... Except that Yoko Ono can be heard. Uggh. Anyway, in this season of giving, I thought it'd be cool to recall some of the best Christmases that I have been a part of. Too bad I can't discern the years... That's asking a bit much.

Ask me, or any of my brothers, the best Christmas we call can remember is the year when we woke up, walked into the living room and each of us has a brand new bike. We rode bikes up and down the road all day that day. Mom still has pictures of us as we came into the room and caught the initial looks on our faces.

The Christmas gift I got the most use out of (and still do to this day) was the year my grandfather got all of us foot lockers. My mom took the foot lockers and personalized them for each of us. I now use mine to hold my sports magazines, pictures, etc. It usually stays locked, unless some unsuspecting friend comes over and shows a shred of interest in my sports memorabilia collection.

One of my favorite gifts that wasn't really a gift was the year (maybe 4 or 5 years ago) when my mom gave me a box of stuff I had done in elementary school that she had found while she was cleaning the attic. I went through the box and found a letter my great-grandmother had written me when I was in second grade. She has been gone for 18 years now. My mother-in-law took the letter and framed it for me, so it is something really cool that was on the wall in the house. When we get in another house, I definitely look forward to hanging it back up again.

Last year, my mom gave me her entire Cal Ripken baseball card collection which she had housed in my great-grandfather's tin cigar boxes from the 1920's. My dad wasn't too happy that my mom had 'stolen' the cigar boxes from him, but he knew I'd take care of them, haha.

My FAVORITE part of Christmas is the giving part. I'd much rather give a great present to someone and get a genuine response instead of receiving something.

I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Specifically, Max, P. A., Pete, Jim; I will see you guys very soon. Having you guys come and see me means a lot to me. I won't be at the shop the day after Christmas, but I intend on resuming my time there uninterrupted on January 2.

Max, I miss you man, its time we busted some boxes... Like SOON. P. A. and Pete, I'm ready to start some friendly baseball debates!

Jim, I got my 84's ready for you man.

Everyone who reads my blog, I really appreciate it. Continue to come back anytime. I'm glad you enjoy.

Thanks guys!!!


Drew said...

Merry Christmas dude, great song gotta love Lennon

Flash said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope Santa brought Chris some cool stuff.