Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mail Day: Citizens on Patrol

With all the mail I'm expecting, I intend on enjoying attaching awesomely bad sequel titles to my mailday posts. Can't wait baby.

As some (one) of you might have noticed, it has been a little bit since my last 'real' post. I took a much needed break, after scanning and listing so many cards on my Zistle accont. Also, recuperating from finalizing the sale of my house has taken a minute as well.

I also had the unfortunate pleasre of not being able to work the shop for the past 2 Saturdays due to work with my 'career job.' I plan on being back this coming Saturday and I also plan on heading to the Raleigh Card show on Sunday. I should have plenty to blog about up until and after Christmas!

Anywhooo, here is what came in the mail YESTERDAY. My first 2009 Topps Red Hot Rookie. Chris Coghlan. The NL Rookie of the Year. Pretty sweet. Sucks I didn't pull any O's, but thats ok, I intend on owning the Nolan Reimold. I like these cards, what do you guys think??

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Field of Cards said...

Hmmmm they don't scan like the 2008 Red Hot rookies. Do they look as good in person?

I love the 2008's from what I've seen online.

I've never seen 08 or 09 in person yet, ugh.

Welcome back!