Monday, November 12, 2012

My Thoughts on 2012 Bowman Chrome

I mentioned yesterday that I picked up some packs of cards from my LCS.  Today, I will discuss the two packs of 2012 Bowman Chrome.

I don't normally get all hot and bothered over Bowman Chrome, but I figured I'd see what I could pull from 2 packs and I wasn't disappointed, actually.  There are only 4 cards per pack, but I ended up with an Oriole, a Blue Parallel, a card for a PC and an autograph.  Not too bad, if you ask me.
 The design is pretty sharp.  I knew this year's Bowman offering would look good all chromed out, and I was not disappointed.  I pulled the above Manuel Hernandez out of my first pack.  He is the first Guatemala-born player signed by the Orioles.  This is cool for me because I remember the day that Roch Kubatko reported his signing on his blog on  I had forgotten the kid's name, but that is no longer the case.  I now have his first Bowman card.  YES!
I was able to add a McCutchen to the PC.  Not too bad.  'Cutch had a great year, but I think his fade down the stretch will cost him the NL MVP.
I got some COMC-bait in this Blue Parallel JP Arencibia.  It is numbered 159/250 and looks pretty sharp.  I might have to find out which Orioles are in this set and do a couple rainbows.
Finally, I pulled an autograph (on card) of A's prospect Miles Head.  It is too bad that this is a PG rated blog (is it?), because I can come up with some jokes as a play on poor Mr. Head's name.  Poor kid probably caught hell in middle school.  Anyway, I will take the high road on this and just say - Jeez kid, you need to work on that sig!

So, my thoughts are that Bowman Chrome is really nice and I definitely will be picking up some more packs in the coming weeks/months.


Joe Average Card Collector said...

I like Head if it is up for trade! Actually I should say, I like the Head card and J.P., if it is up for trade! :)

Superduperman99 said...

Dang that's cool!