Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday COMC Pickups - Brooks Robinson

I went a little nuts on COMC this past weekend.  I actually sold a good many cards on there, so I had a little bit of store credit to play with, so I picked up 10 cards on Friday; taking advantage of their free shipping offer and the tons of discounts.  When I shipped my cards, I also was able to get one shipped free that I had bought a couple months ago, but didn't want to spend the shipping on.  I wanted to post each card individually, but I'm in the midst of my 1951 Set, so I didn't want to flood the blogs just yet.  I do have another order coming that might get even more special attention.  For now, I'll break this shipment up a little bit.  Here are the Brooks Robinson cards that I was able to pick up.
How did I miss 2010 Topps Sterling?  Oh, $400 a pack, you say?  I'll pass.  I do have to say, though, the cards are SHARP!  I saw this one and picked it up for $1.38.  Not bad.  The card is numbered 197/250 and you really have to see it in person to appreciate how nice it truly is.  Man, I wish they had Nolan Reimold in that set.  That'd be a rainbow to complete.  Might have to go after Brooks instead.
Here is the 2011 Triple Threads Brooks Robinson base card.  I might already have a copy of this one, but it is numbered 1,396 of 1,500 and I was able to grab it for $0.45.
Here is the 2012 Topps Triple Threads Brooks Robinson Sepia parallel.  It is numbered 154/625 and I got it for $1.10.
Finally, here is a 2000 Topps Stars Brooks Robinson.  I thought this was a nice looking card and I picked it up for $0.37.

Stay tuned for the Nolan Reimolds I picked up on Black Friday.  I also got a rookie card of an NL MVP candidate, a 2011 Topps SP of a Hall of Famer and more, all to come!

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Nick said...

Nice pickups, William! That Topps Stars card of Brooks is a nice one.