Sunday, March 26, 2023

March 25, 2023, Graphing of Miami at Wake Forest

College baseball isn't usually my first choice to graph, but when my older brother, Philip, messaged me and asked if I wanted to go see the Miami Hurricanes take on Wake Forest, I was interested.  He let me know enough in advance that I was able to order some Perfect Game cards of some of the players, so it turned into a pretty decent rack.

I also had some Stars and Stripes cards of a couple of the players, so I was able to get a few out of my boxes, as well.  The above Yohandy Morales is one of the Stars and Stripes cards that I was able to get signed.
I missed picking up a couple guys Perfect Game cards due to an error on my part on Ebay, but that ended up saving me some money.  I wish I had gotten everyone, as it was really easy to graph at the game.  Another disappointment was that former big leaguer, Will Craig was coaching for Wake, but I couldn't find the bulk of his cards that I had somewhere, and the ones I did have didn't get signed, since I missed him post game.
Still, we had a really good time.  It was me, my brother, Philip; his wife, Karie; his friend, Dave; my oldest brother, Kenny; his wife, Gina; and their son, Ian.  I had never graphed with Ian before, but he is at a great age for it, at 12.  He seemed to have fun, and filled up an extra ball that I had brought for him.  He is a big Wake Forest fan, so it was nice helping him fill that ball up with signatures.
Wake ended up winning the game.  It was really cool to be at the stadium formerly known as Ernie Shore field.  It was the site of my first ever baseball game, back in the early 90s.  They have since remodeled the field, and renamed it David Couch field.  It will always be Ernie Shore to me.

I really appreciate Philip inviting me to go along.  In the end, I got the following autographs: Matt Wessinger x 2, Lucas Costello x 5, Carlos Lequerica x 1, Carlos Perez x 5, Alejandro Torres x 5, Yohandy Morales x 3, Alejandro Rosario x 2, Dominic Pitelli x 5, Karson Ligon x 5, CJ Kayfus x 5, Dorian Gonzalez x 6 and Gage Ziehl x 2 (46 total autographs).

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