Sunday, March 5, 2023

Some 50-50s From Bryan

Some more 50/50s are out of the way now, with one more team bag to go after this one.  This was a return that came in at the end of last season from Bryan in Texas.  He has become my default guy in Texas after the guys I used to 50/50 with have grown up and moved on.  I appreciate having someone who can get AAA Round Rock, especially.
Bryan helped me knock out some team set guys who I missed in the past.  I had been waiting a long time to get AJ Alexy on the 2019 Wood Ducks set.
I didn't send a whole lot to Bryan, but what he got was definitely quality.  I was glad to get a Davis Wendzel back from him.  I had sent one to someone else the season before, and the guy held that card hostage for what seemed to be a five for one trade.  I told him that he could just keep the card and send me the rest of m stuff back.  I hate it when people do stuff like that.
Finally, I got some much older stuff out of my boxes when Bryan got my 2003 Bowman Chrome Matt Hagen, my 2010 Bowman Josh Sale and 2011 Heritage Minors Josh Sale signed.

Thanks for taking these, Bryan.  I hope to send some more this season.

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