Wednesday, May 22, 2024

TTM Success - Rick Parker

Another very dry week of TTM returns dod see me get one, this success from Rick Parker that was sent out last year.  I got some early 90s stuff signed, which helped get some stuff out of the boxes.
I sent off a 1991 Fleer (top), 1990 Topps Traded (left), 1991 Topps (middle) and a 1992 Topps Stadium Club.

Parker (b. 1963) played in the majors from1990 to 1991 and 1993 to 1996 for the Giants, Astros, Mets and Dodgers.  He had 55 hits, 2 home runs and a  .279 batting average.

I mailed to Parker on November 27 and got the cards back on May 21, for a 176-day TAT.

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