Monday, May 20, 2024

TTM Success - Dave Gambee

A couple weeks ago, when Jesse and I went up to High Point, we stopped in at the LCS in Winston-Salem.  They had some boxes to search in the middle of the shop, and I found a few vintage basketball cards that I decided to pick up and send out for TTMs.  This 1970-71 Topps of Dave Gambee was the first one to come back.

Gambee (b. 1937) played professionally from 1959 to 1970 for the Hawks (St. Louis), Royals (Cincinnati), Nationals (Syracuse), 76ers, Rockets (San Diego), Bucks, Pistons and Warriors (San Francisco).  Gambee was a good lesson for me in former basketball team names.  I never knew Syracuse had an NBA team; I also didn't know the Hawks used to be in St. Louis, Cincinnati had a team, or that the Rockets were once in San Diego.  That's one of the many things I like about these vintage cards from other sports leagues.

Gambee had 7,935 total points in his career.  He won the NBA championship in 1966-67 with the 76ers.

I mailed to Gambee on May 6 and got the card back on May 17, for an 11-day TAT. 

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