Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Third Trade With Joe Average Collector

I completed another trade with Jason from the blog: Joe Average Collector when his package came in the mail yesterday.  I sent him the 2012 Bowman Chrome J. P. Arencibia blue parallel and Miles Head auto for the following cards...
I needed this 1959 Topps Brooks Robinson for my 1959 set.  I already had one in my PC, so this one was filed away into my 1959 box and removed from my needs list.
I didn't have this 1961 Post Brooks Robinson in my collection yet, so I was glad to see if in Jason's offerings.  I need to pick up some more of Brooks' oddball 1960s cards, so that may be a project I can tackle at some point, or at least give me a few things to add to the want list.
I already had one of these 1968 Topps Game cards, given to me by my good friend, Jim, but I like how these look, so I definitely wasn't adverse to adding another one to the Brooks PC.

Finally, here is a 1977 TCMA Don Larsen.  I really need to send to Larsen TTM.  That is on my to do list.  My buddy Drew keeps getting onto me for procrastinating on it, so, yeah, I need to make that happen.

Anyway, thanks for another awesome trade, Jason!  Let's lock up again for another one real soon!

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Unknown said...

I'm a month behind my postings on trades, I have been working on a giant one month one post trade post, but it is going to be delayed. Thanks for the trade again!