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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TTM Success - Carlos Garcia

I was able to get a few really cool cards signed recently from former second baseman, Carlos Garcia.  This 1995 Score turned out really nice, I think.  I always liked this set, and at one point, tried to complete it.  This is one of those over-glossed sets, though, that tend to stick together.  I wish there was a way to fix this problem, but I don't think this exists.
I also added these three 90s cards.  I always enjoy the 1991 Fleer set.  The bright yellow of the set is very different than most sets out there, still.  Some folks don't like it, but I always have.  Of course, I like the 1990 Donruss set as well.  The middle card is a 1996 Fleer, which was made with autograph hunters in mind.  The rough finish makes it a pain to leaf through the cards, but they really look cool signed.  Finally, the card on the right is a 1997 Donruss.  I don't recall opening any packs of this when it came out.  The only versions I have are from bulk card finds and purchases.  Still, the design is nice, and the signed card looks good.

Garcia (b. 1967) played in the majors from 1990 to 1999 for the Pirates, Blue Jays, Angels and Padres.  He had 580 hits, 33 home runs and a .266 batting average.  He was an All Star in 1994 while with the Pirates.

I mailed to Garcia on November 7 and got the cards back on January 26, for an 80-day TAT.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Card Show Pickup - Another Orioles Quad

I didn't really make many purchases for the PC at the most recent card show I attended.  The show was on February 11 and I went mostly to pick up some bulk Topps cards for more TTMs, but I did find this quad relic Orioles card that I thought would go nicely in my Davis PC.  The seller wanted WAY too much for the card, but as I was about to leave at closing time, I made him a reasonable offer, and he accepted.  Yeah, the patches are great, but there's no way I would pay the sticker price he had on the card ($100).  No way at all.

Luckily, I got it for a LOT less than that.  I also got it for exactly what I had left in my wallet, which worked out nicely.  I had a great time at the show, Chris came with me and actually helped me this time.  He didn't get too bored, and actually picked up a few things for himself.  One of which was a really sweet Matt Cain patch card for an absolute steal.  He may have done better than I did!

TTM Success - Frank Bolling

A day after my Ray Rippelmeyer success came in, I got another of the guys I found at the antique shop back.  This 1961 Topps Franks Bolling doesn't look as painted as the Rippelmeyer does, but it is still a nice card.
I had picked up a '62 Bolling at the shop and had the 1965 in my vintage box at the house.  That made for a nice little package to send out and see what happened.  Bolling has a very modest signature, but you can see it, so that's all that matters.

Bolling (b. 1931) played in the majors from 1954 and 1956 to 1966 for the Tigers and Braves (Milwaukee and Atlanta).  He had 1,415 hits, 106 home runs and a .254 batting average.  He was an All Star in 1961 and 1962 and won the Gold Glove Award in 1958.  He finished his highest in the MVP voting in 1958 when he finished 16th in the AL voting.

I mailed to Bolling on January 17 and got the cards back on January 26, for a 9-day TAT.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

TTM Success - Ray Rippelmeyer

Last month, I took my final trip to the antique shop in Columbia, SC.  Conrad has finally retired and is closing up shop for good.  I made sure to stop by to see him before he closed, and I had to pick up something since I was there.  I picked up a bunch of bulk cards, a signed baseball (which, surprisingly, I haven't posted yet) and several 1961 and 1962 Topps cards for TTM purposes.

I bought those because at the time, I had only one signed 1961 Topps.  So, I figured I would beef up that portion of my ledger, and some of the cards I picked up really looked great.  The first of the cards to come back was this success from Ray Rippelmeyer.  The above 1961 Topps is his rookie card, and I really enjoyed how his uniform looked on this card.  It looks almost like an early 50s Topps in that he appears to be a painting, as opposed to a photo.
I went through a box of 1961 Topps at the shop and picked out several folks who signed TTM, according to  After I got my subjects from that box, one of Conrad's helpers searched a few other boxes in order to help me find some other cards to send off of those guys.  He found this 1962 Topps Rippelmeyer for me, and I'm glad he did.  1962 Topps looks great, and that was another set that was not well represented in my binder.
Little did I know, I had another Rippelmeyer card at the house.  This 1990 CMC was in the box that Mom had found in her attic and gave to me right before I went to Columbia.  I was able to put another of these minor league cards to good use, which I was happy to do.

Rippelmeyer (b. 1933) played in the majors for 18 games in 1962 for the Senators.  He had a record of 1-2 with 17 strike outs and a 5.49 ERA.  While his card from 1961 lists him as being on the Reds, he never made the majors with them.  He was picked up by the Senators in November 1961 in the Rule V Draft.

I mailed to Rippelmeyer on January 16 and got the cards back on January 25, for a 9-day TAT.

Instagram Trade For A Nice Davis

I was approached on Instagram by a kid named Keegan who had this 2014 Museum Collection Chris Davis jumbo relic.  I had picked up a signed Andrew McCutchen 8 x 10 from my friend, Max, and Keegan is a huge McCutchen fan, so it was an easy match.  I already had one of these Davis relics, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to add another, so here it is.  It is numbered 14/25.
To made the trade more balanced, Keegan included this Clayton Kershaw relic from 2014 Topps Tribute.  I didn't have any Kershaw relics and I liked the green relic, so I had him add this card, which was among the list of cards he offered.  This is 61/99.
Finally, Keegan let me pick up one of his IP autos to complete the deal.  He got the better end of the deal, with me sending the McCutchen photo and a Job Pedersen die cut National Exclusive Allen & Ginter card.  Still, he is happy with the deal, and so am I!

TTM Success - Tim Raines, Jr.

I had been going through my Orioles box, trying to find a few TTM subjects when I saw that Tim Raines, Jr. was signing.  I went through the two boxes I had and found only one card of his, this Choice 2000 card when he was with the Frederick Keys.  I didn't have many Minor League cards in my album, so this was a nice one to add.

Raines (b. 1979) played in the majors in 2001, 2003 and 2004 for the Orioles.  He had 34 hits, no home runs and a .213 batting average.  He became part of the second father/son tandem to play for the same team when his father, Tim, Sr. played for the Orioles on October 4, 2001.

I mailed to Raines on January 4 and got the card back on January 23, for a 19-day TAT.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ebay Pickup - 2016 Panini National Treasures Chris Davis Laundry Tag

I got a nice deal on another Chris Davis laundry tag relic recently when I picked this up off of Ebay.  It was originally listed for $89.99, but when the seller reduced the price, I jumped all over it.

I like Panini National Treasures.  I now have several Chris Davis laundry tag cards, and am always on the lookout for more.  Panini really does well with relic and patch cards.  It doesn't make too much of a difference to me that the O's logo isn't on the card.  This fits more into a player collection, anyway.

I plan on finding some more nice Davis patch cards, so the PC will keep growing.  I feel like I have a pretty decent Davis collection.

Sox Fest Autos ad More From Max

My buddy Max recently went to the annual Fan Fest for the Chicago White Sox and picked up a bunch of autos for me.  We were operating under our normal agreement: I would search for cards that Max needed (mostly past players who would be there) and he would send me a few cards back signed for my trouble.  Max nailed it, as usual with a nice return from quite a few players.
I was really glad to see these Miguel Gonzalez cards come back.  The 2013 Topps Wal Mart blue at the top would have been fine by itself, but Max went for a mini rainbow here with the 2014 cards.  There are red hot foil, Target red and Wal Mart blue cards from 2014.  I thought this was a really cool touch from Max that he didn't have to do.  I sent him a ton of Miggy cards, though, so he had a lot to choose from.
Here are some of the other guys that Max was able to get.  I know I sent him the Willie Harris 2008 Upper Deck.  I may have also sent him the 2014 Bowman Tyler Danish.  I know I failed to find him extra Eric Soderholm cards, since I had gotten him TTM and sent out my extras to a few kids as TTM starter packs.  I also don't think I sent him the 81 Fleer Ed Farmer.  Still, I'm glad to add these cards to my album.
Max also used this opportunity to close a few minor deals.  He sent me a 2009 Topps card signed by Skip Schumacher in exchange for a 2009 Topps Geovany Soto that I had.  I went ahead and swapped those out in my album, so I didn't have the Schumacher to show.  I also sent him a 1988 Topps Traded Vance Law that I recently got TTM for this 1989 Topps.  Since the 88 Traded wasn't a true Topps base, I was completely fine with swapping it out for the 89.
Max also included a few Orioles cards.  Most notably, Mas filled a team bag full of 1981 Fleer Orioles.  There are a few duplicates in the bag, so a few may be sent out as TTMs shortly.

He also included these two 2016 Topps Update Matt Wieters cards.  Funny how his appearance changed so dramatically between the two cards (spoiler alert, that isn't Wieters in the top card).

So, thank you so much, as always, Max!  I loved the package!

TTM Success - Melvin Nieves

Here is another player from the 90s that I was able to have sign several cards, Melvin Nieves.  This 1995 Fleer turned out really nice.  This set might be one of the freakiest sets there was.  I think there was a gas leak in the Fleer building, and that is how the design for this set came about.  Still, it lends itself well to being signed.
I had a lot to choose from for Nieves, and narrowed it down to six cards.  They all look pretty good, I think.  I believe the 1997 Fleer Ultra set looks really good when signed.  The 1995 Topps Cyberstats don't turn out as well as I had hoped, but they don't look bad.
Finally, here is a 1995 Pinnacle that at first glance looked like it came back unsigned.  As I was putting it back in my box, I noticed the signature on the back of the card.  Ok, cool!  I'll take it!

Nieves (b. 1971) played in the majors from 1992 to 1998 for the Braves, Padres, Tigers and Reds.  He had 284 hits, 63 home runs and a .231 batting average.

I mailed to Nieves on October 25 ad got the cards back on January 23, for a 90-day TAT.

Friday, February 17, 2017

TTM Success - Gary Ross

Here are a couple early 70s cards I will be adding to my autograph album (I'm on my fourth album now) that I got from former pitcher, Gary Ross.  His signature doesn't really jump out at you, but still, I am happy to have these added to my collection.  I have slowed down on early 70s cards, mainly because I haven't been by my LCS to pick up anything new lately.  I plan on going by there soon to grab a whole new batch of stuff to send off, but I have been really busy lately, and haven't had the chance.
Of any card year, I think 1973 might be one that I really haven't been able to find decent bulk card of.  I may have to find a box of them somewhere and use those, but I haven't really been looking all that hard.  I do plan on adding some more early 70s bulk cards, I just need to get serious about it and buy some up.

Ross (b. 1947) played in the majors from 1968 to 1977 for the Cubs, Padres and Angels.  He had a career record of 25-47 with 378 strike outs and an ERA of 3.92.

I mailed to Ross on November 18 and got the cards back on January 21, for a 64-day TAT.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Surprise Christmas Gift From a Friend

Sometimes, when someone does something, it shouldn't be taken personally.  Like when you talk to someone on an app for a long time, then discover one day that you've been blocked.  That would set alarms off for most people, I think.  When it happened to me, I felt like I had done or said something wrong.  I didn't recall anything I would have done to make this person mad at me.  I felt like we were pretty good friends, but there I was, blocked.  Instead of reaching out, I assumed that the person didn't want to talk any more, so I went about my business as usual.  I was hurt, but I moved on.  I'm a busy person, and I have too much going on to let a simple "blocking" on an app get me too far down.  But it bugged me.  So, after months went by, and the person messaged me out of the blue to ask me if I knew where to find a certain card, I did something that I don't normally do.  I confronted him about what happened.  You see, I don't confront people very well.  I'm usually far too passive with friends, and have a hard time saying "no".  Still, it bugged me so much, I told the guy that I thought we were friends, and I didn't understand why I would have been blocked.  He then explained that he had gotten so busy and fallen so far behind with his work, he had to block everyone so that he could concentrate and get back on track.  It worked, and he was back to normal, but missed one key thing - he forgot to mention that he would be taking some time off and stepping away.  So, in his message asking where to find the certain card, also came an apology.  He felt bad about forgetting to let me know what was going on.  He did remove a lot of card accounts from his instagram because a lot of the kids would message him and distract him from his work, but he kept mine active.  He also had been on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for me, the above Chris Davis booklet.

The booklet arrived a couple of weeks ago, all while I have been on the hunt for the specific card he has been looking for.  I know I will find it eventually, a 2009 Topps Update Adam Jones All Star relic.  I know I'll find it.  My friend and I have cleared everything up, and he wants to remain in the background in the card community.  I'm cool with that.  We talk about once a week now, and that works out just fine.  His work is caught up, and I am plugging away with mine.  I'm glad he found the time to think of me for Christmas, though.  I had sent him something as well, even though he was inactive at the time.  He said he felt good that I still thought of him.  That's what I do, I guess.

So, I'll try not to read too much into things.  An app is still just an app.  I need to do a better job of communicating, and I think this experience will help with that.  So, friend, thank you for the awesome Christmas present.  It is definitely appreciated.

The card is a jumbo relic/auto booklet of Chris Davis from 2016 Panini National Treasures.  It is numbered 2/5.  I actually just got a vertcial booklet magnetic case for it in the mail yesterday.  Great timing!

TTM Success - Rusty Greer

There is a box of cards at my LCS that has a ton of late 90s cards that I never got a chance to open when they came out.  I got out of cards in 1996, and didn't get back into them until 2005.  The box at the shop has afforded me an opportunity to cheaply pick up some of those late 90s cards, and use them for TTMs.  I was really excited to get this success back from Rusty Greer, because the cards in this request were pretty much the best of the best from that box.

That being said, just because the cards look awesome in person, that doesn't mean the awesomeness will transfer over to a scan.  The above 1997 Pinnacle Certified looks so nice in person, but it is badly curved, like a 2010 Topps Chrome.  Still, I like this card a lot, and I feel like it will do well in my album.
These two cards are much like the Pinnacle Certified.  They are both from 1998 Donruss Collections and, again, look much better than the scans show.  These two are also curved, but not as badly as the Pinnacle.  These are much thinner than a Chrome card, which may lend to the curvature.
Finally, here are a few "normal" cards.  The 1995 Topps came from my box break while working on the set, and the 95 Fleer Ultra came from the LCS.  The Ultra is a really nice card.  It may be the best-looking of them all!

Greer (b. 1969) played in the majors from 1994 to 2002 for the Rangers.  He had 1,166 hits, 119 home runs and a .305 career batting average.  He finished third in the 1994 AL Rookie of the Year voting, and 22nd in the 1997 AL MVP voting.  He batted over .300 in four of his 6 full seasons.

I mailed to Greer on January 5 and got the cards back on January 21, for a 16-day TAT.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ebay Pickup - 1949 World Series Game 3 Ticket

Recently, I used some of the Christmas money that I got from my grandma to pick up something that he has some ties to.  I was able to find a used ticket stub to Game 3 of the 1949 World Series.  A while back, I posted on here about how Grandma had dropped a bombshell on me when she told me that she had attended a World Series game.  You can read the story here.

Since Grandma didn't keep her ticket, I figured I would see about finding one that would go with the story.  I know it's not her original ticket, but I still think it is cool to be able to have a ticket from that World Series and be able to tell folks that she was there.
This ticket stub is in pretty rough shape, but I got a nice deal on it.  I tried to get the guy who had it for sale to accept a BIN price, but even though it failed to sell at his opening bid price three times, he still re-listed it for me in auction style, for that price.  Unsurprisingly, no one but me bid on it, so I came away with the ticket at the guy's opening bid.  Oh well.  BIN would have been quicker.

I now have two World Series tickets.  This one, and the one I for from Mr. McNair for the 1930 World Series.  I don't believe I will be starting a World Series ticket collection, I just think they are cool.  I may pick up some Orioles ones, but I haven't decided yet.  I'm still excited to finally have a ticket from the World Series that Grandma attended.

TTM Success - Ray Soff

I put some cards to use that had been hanging in a box for a long time.  The above 1990 CMC AAA card of Ray Soff was in a box of cards that my mom found in the attic.  I was happy to see one of these come back signed.
Normally, I send off Topps cards, but it is nice to get a few cards from some other sets signed.  These two 1987 cards (Fleer and Donruss) turned out really nice.  I like both of these sets, and I seem to have a decent amount of bulk cards, so I may be able to get some more signed.
Finally, here is yet another 1987 Topps that I was able to get signed.  The card isn't really this bad off-center, but it scanned crooked.  Instead of scanning it again, I just straightened it and went with it.  Yes, I'm lazy!  I have over 30 different 1987 Topps signed.  I don't plan on pushing for the entire set, but I will select an 87 before I go with another year, if I have a choice.

Soff (b. 1958) played in the majors in 1986 and 1987 for the Cardinals.  He had a record of 5-2 with 31 strike outs and a 4.19 ERA.

I mailed to Soff on January 12 and got the cards back on January 21, for a 9-day TAT.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Surprise Care Package From Dan

Right around Christmas, I completed a trade with a kid on Instagram named Dan.  We had completed our deal, and right after, I received a care package from him that had a few Orioles cards in it, and this Matt Wieters post card.  From Dan's note, it looks like he included every Orioles card that he could find.  Also, judging by the pin hole in the post card, it looks like Dan also raided whatever he had posted in his room.

I think it is really awesome that Dan felt compelled to search his collection and send me some cards.  It was very unexpected, and I hope to return the favor to him sometime soon.

Thank you so much for the care package, Dan!

TTM Success - Todd Greene

It took two attempts, but I got a TTM success from former catcher, Todd Greene.  This was a request I really wanted to push, because I had so many cool cards of Greene that I wanted to see come back signed.  This 1997 Stadium Club Millennium card was one that I really was excited about when I picked it up from the LCS.  The card looks great; even better in person!
I liked the old Angels logo on the 98 Pinnacle Performers card.  It was in one of the boxes that Mom picked up for me last year.  This is a really cool-looking set, and I have a fer others from it that I want to get back.

Here is a 2006 Topps, as well, so I can add another tick mark on my tally for Topps sets.  I used to have a ton of 2006 Topps, but offloaded a ton when I was selling Topps base at card shows.
Finally, here is a 1997 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future that Greene signed.  It also turned out nicely, I think.  I got this at my LCS, as well.  During a prior trip through that box, though, I found a really cool David Arias (Ortiz) that I was able to sell for a nice profit.

Greene (b. 1971) played in the majors from 1996 to 2006 for the California and Anaheim Angels, Blue Jays, Yankees, Rangers, Rockies and Giants.  He had 397 hits, 71 home runs and a .252 batting average.

I first mailed to Greene on November 1, but he sent the cards back unsigned with no explanation.  I saw that some folks had gotten him after, so I tried again on January 11.  The cards came back on January 21, for a 10-day TAT.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Surprise Care Package From Michael

After the conclusion of Fan Fest in January, I figured Michael and I had exchanged all of the O's cards and items that we would be exchanging for a good while.  I was surprised to learn the Monday following Fan Fest, that Michael had dropped a package in the mail to me.

In the package were some Orioles autographs for my various albums.  A few cards for the card album and a couple post cards for the post card album (wherever I sat it).

I have had someone pick up a Dariel Alvarez auto for me, but I didn't have the 2015 Bowman Chrome.  Felix Pie would be a great TTM subject, but he doesn't sign, from what I can tell  I don;t know much about Chris Snyder, but the 2010 Topps is a nice card.
Here are the backs of the post cards that Michael sent; signed by Pat Hentgen and Jerry Hairston, Jr.  Hairston is someone I really would like to get TTM, but I know he doesn't sign.  Hentgen is someone I have sent to, but I havent gotten anything back as of today.

Thank you so much for the care package, Michael!  I appreciate it!

TTM Success - Raymond Berry

Here is another case of me having a random card floating around my boxes that I finally got the nerve to send out for a TTM auto.  This Raymond Berry card has popped up on my desk and in my boxes for a long time.  I had been holding it for someone that I thought was a friend, but when he scammed me, the card was dumped in my dime box for card shows.  There the card sat, until I was going through the box one day and saw it.  I decided to see if Berry signed TTM, and was pleasantly surprised that he did.

Berry inscribed the card with his HOF induction year and also the year which he signed it.  I thought that was a really cool touch.
Berry also included this signed testimonial, which, again, was a nice touch.  The coolest thing about the TTM success was that Berry included a note card asking me to explain the origin of my last name.  He left a spot on the card for an explanation and a SASE to send it back to him.  His note said that his hobby is history/origin of American last names.  So, in effect, Berry TTMed me!  That was a really cool touch!

Berry (b. 1933) played in the NFL from 1955 to 1967, all for the Baltimore Colts.  He won the NFL Championship in 1958 and 1959.  His number 82 was retired by the Colts.  He went on to coach the Patriots in the 1980s, leading them to Superbowl XX, where they were trounced by the Bears.  Berry played at SMU and was a 20th round selection in the 1954 NFL draft.  He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1973.

I mailed to Berry on January 9 and got the card back on January 20, for an 11-day TAT.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

TTM Success - Bud Harrelson

I got a lot of 1970s cards back signed from former player, Bud Harrelson in this TTM success.  He was a bit overshadowed, since he came back the same day that I got my Brooks Robinson success.  I was really happy with this one as well, though, because I added some much needed early 70s cards to the tally.

I liked how Harrelson signed this 73 Topps.  It turned out great, I think.
Here are some other Harrelson cards that I got, 1974, 1975, 1977 and 1981.  I have been getting a bunch of 1981 Topps signed, since I got a huge box of them from the Columbia antique shop, and they were all in order.  I used and pulled every player that has been signing recently.  That has helped me populate my TTM box.
Finally, here is a nice 1979 Topps that I got signed.  I like the dark glasses on Harrelson.  He signed this one down his arm, which looks cool, as well.

Harrelson (b. 1944) played in the majors from 1965 to 1980 for the Mets, Phillies and Rangers.  He was a 2-time All Star and had 1,120 hits, 7 home runs and a .236 batting average in his career.  He finished 20th in the 1970 NL MVP voting, his highest spot on the balloting.  He was a Gold Glove Award winner in 1971 and won the World Series with the Mets in 1969.  He appeared on the 1986 Hall of Fame ballot, and received 0.2% of the vote.

I mailed to Harrelson on January 11 and got the cards back on January 20, for a 9-day TAT.

Care Package From Nick H.

Still catching up on posts, here are a few cards that I got in a care package from my friend, Nick H. way before Christmas.  Nick is a really good guy who I have been talking to for a while now.  He sent me a few Orioles, highlighted by this 2006 Flair Showcase Brian Roberts relic.
Nick also included this Melvin Mora relic from 2008 Upper Deck.  I'll have to organize my Orioles box soon and add these to the collection.

Thanks for the care package, Nick!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

TTM Success - Brooks Robinson

I still have to let this sink in.  Getting Ernie Banks TTM a few years ago was huge.  I even got Brooks Robinson TTM, but it was basically through a signing he was doing through the Dugout Zone in Maryland.  This time, the TTM was a real TTM.  I sent out cards, a note, an SASE and some cash and landed my all-time favorite player (sorry, Cal).  Not only did I get Brooks, but I got him on some pretty sweet cards.  The above 2007 Masterpieces turned out so awesome.  Brooks also inscribed it 1970 WS MVP without me even asking.  Also, this is the first Masterpieces card that I have been able to get signed, and it is a beauty.  The card is just amazing.
I saw that someone on Instagram got Brooks back without having to pay the exorbitant amount that Dugout Zone charges (he got Brooks for $1/card!), so I checked with the guy and confirmed the address that he used.  It was the one listed on, so I wasn't begging anyone for a private address.  I wrote a two-page letter to Brooks explaining my fandom (and man-crush) and included $10 cash.  I wrestled between sending the above 1962 Topps or a 1969 Topps Deckle Edge, ultimately sending the '62.  The '62 was an extra card that someone somewhere gave me, long after I had already picked up a '62 for my Brooks Topps run.

Additonally, someone somewhere gave me an extra 1959 Topps, which has now shifted into my Brooks Topps run, because the above '59 was removed for TTM.  I chose that one because I distinctly remember where I got it.  I was at my dad's engine builder's 60th birthday party in Spartanburg, SC.  We were waiting for the party to start, and a few of us walked across the street to check out the mall.  There just so happened to be a card show going on, and one of the vendors had this '59 Brooks for sale for $20.  I went ahead and bought it, and added it to the PC.  Now, it is forever part of my autograph album, and likely part of whatever Topps or Orioles Autograph Project I pursue next.
Being the amazingly awesome person that Brooks is, he included this Hall of Fame post card signed, as well.  This will go in my signed post card album, and will not leave the collection!

Robinson (b. 1937) played in the majors from 1955 to 1977 for the Orioles.  The greatest defensive third baseman of all-time (no, not Adrian Beltre, Cal!), Brooks had 2,848 hits, 268 home runs (the exact same amount as Jim Palmer had in wins) and a .267 batting average.  He won an unprecedented 16 Gold Glove Awards in a row between 1960 and 1975.  He was named to 15 All Star Games in a row between 1960 and 1974.  He was the 1964 AL MVP.  He was in the top 5 of the AL MVP voting 5 times in his career.  He won the World Series with the Orioles in 1966 and 1970, and was named the 1970 World Series MVP.  Brooks was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1983 on his first year on the ballot and received 92.0% of the vote.  Brooks's #5 was retired by the Orioles at the conclusion of the 1977 season.  With Frank Robinson (no relation), Brooks was part of the inaugural Orioles Hall of Fame class.

I mailed to Brooks on January 5 and got the cards back on January 20, for a 15-day TAT.

Christmas Gift From Jackson

I got a belated Christmas gift in the mail from my friend, Jackson, who is a huge Cubs fan.  I met him through my buddy, Max, and chat with him daily.  Jackson does a lot of graphing at Wrigley, so he likely got this Nolan Reimold Bowman Chrome from there.

I really appreciate the card.  I have gotten a couple cards signed by Nolan, but not this one.  It will look really nice in my album.

Thanks so much for the Christmas gift, Jackson!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Care Package From Tom

I got a surprise care package in the mail recently from fellow blogger, Tom.  He writes the blog, The Angels, In Order, and the two of us have interacted a bit here and there via the blogs and Instagram.  Tom was making some room in his collection for more Angels stuff, and sent me a few Orioles goodies for my collection.

The above 1993 All Star ballot was something really awesome that I wasn't expecting to see.  1993 was the year when Camden Yards hosted the All Star Game, and having one of the ballots, in mint condition, is a really cool piece to my collection.  I think it was really awesome of Tom to include it!
Tom Also included a few Orioles post cards and these three signed baseball cards.  I recently sent to Leo Gomez, but thankfully, I didn't send this one.  I always enjoy a nice 1988 Topps signed and the Melvin Mora Cracker Jack is one I really would have loved to have gotten TTM if I had some of the cards available.  Thankfully, Tom hooked me up, and I can have one of these in my album!

Thank you so much for the care package, Tom!  I really appreciate it!