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Monday, June 5, 2023

TTM Success - Nick Maton

This TTM success from Nick Maton allowed me to get a 2021 Topps Pro Debut out of my boxes.  One of the most difficult sets to leaf through quickly, I find myself skipping over 2021 Topps and 2021 Pro Debut.  Still, I enjoy getting the cards signed, so I try my best to slow down and go through the boxes when I have the time.  They just hurt my eyes.

Anyway, I saw that Nick Maton was signing TTM, so I sent off two cards.  The came back looking great.
Along with the Pro Debut, I got this 2021 Bowman signed.  The signature really shows nicely on this card.

Maton (b. 1997) has played in the majors since 2021 for the Phillies.  He has 72 hits, 12 home runs and a .214 batting average.  He appeared in the World Series last year with the Phillies.  He had one at bat, but did not record a hit.  Fun fact, he is the older brother of Wood Ducks pitcher, Jacob Maton.  His brother, Phil, currently plays for the Astros.

I mailed to Maton on January 13 and got the cards back on February 14, for a 32-day TAT.  He kept two of my cards.

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