Sunday, June 4, 2023

May-June 2023 Graphing of Fireflies at Wood Ducks

Scanning all of these cards has been an arduous task, but I finally got it done after my scanner had to be rebooted.  Anyway, I was able to get a lot more Columbia stuff signed this week, after getting a taste last week.

Several 2023 Bowman Chrome parallels that I had ordered finally came in, so I was able to get some cool stuff signed this week, like the above Andres Mesa pearl parallel.  It had a small scratch on the surface, so I guess the seller opted to not have it graded.  That's ok with me, since I wanted to get one signed and into my album.  The card looks amazing.
I also was able to get the base chrome, as well as an aqua Lunar Crater parallel and a green grass parallel signed.  They all look really cool.
Tommy Specht was finally brought up from Arizona, and I got my Perfect Game and Panini Prizm cards taken care of.  Specht is now the second youngest player on the team, behind Gleider Figuereo.
Wyatt Sparks finally is here, after getting injured after the team set came out in 2021.  I have a couple other of these cards somewhere, but I don't know were, at this moment.  A fellow grapher sent me two of the 2022 Bowman Chrome sapphire parallels of Danyer Cueva, so I got to keep one for myself.
I finally got the 1988 Topps John Habyan signed.  My friend, Billy, gave me the 1987 Classic, which looks really cool.
Habyan cleaned me out of all of the cards of his that I had pulled over the winter.  I was hoping he would be back, and I was glad that I got these taken care of.
I finished getting the 2023 Bowman paper of Lizandro Rodriguez.  I also got the chrome 2022 Bowman of Steven Zobac.  The 2017 Panini Stars and Stripes of Wesley Scott turned out nicely, as well.  I think he said he was 15 or 16 when that photo was taken.  He also said that his mom got a ton of the cards.
I was glad to almost finish off the 2023 Columbia Fireflies team set.  I was missing two players who were in the set, but not with the team.  That got me really close.  I may have to see where the other two guys are and try to get them TTM or something.
Scanning this set was a pain.  This was the reason why the scanner had to be rebooted, but I finally got everything done.  It was crazy that this team set was $18.00.  I was glad to get it, though, because a lot of the guys who signed their cards said that it was the first time they had signed any cards for anyone.
Also, the set looks pretty cool.  I like the Fireflies colors.  Having the extra cards made it so I had folks to look for at every game, which kept me engaged the whole week.
The Wood Ducks won the series 5-1, which was great.  We also welcomed a new face into our graphing group, a great guy named Jesse.  He wants me to teach him the ropes with graphing, which I enjoy doing.  It has also been nice having someone else to chat baseball with us at games.

In all, I got the following autographs: Danyer Cueva x 6, Gleider Figuereo x 2, Carlos Maldonaldo x 1, Andres Mesa x 4, Wyatt Sparks x 1, Tommy Specht x 10, Omar Florentino x 1, John Habyan x 30, Omar Hernandez x 1, Brennon McNair x 1, Ben Kurdna x 8, Frank Mozzicato x 9, Shane Panzini x 5, Erick Pena x 15, Lizandro Rodriguez x 4, Brett Squires x 1, Levi Usher x 1, Daniel Vazquez x 7, Marcus Olivarez x 1, Tony Pena Jr x 3, Enmanuel Pire x 1, Lizandro Rodriguez x 2, Matt Schmidt x 1, Wesley Scott x 3, Steven Zobac x 16, Ian Moller x 1, Ari Adut x 1, David Hollie x 1, Cooper McKeehan x 1, Jean Ramirez x 1, Oscar Rayo x 1, Dionmy Salon x 1, Yeison Morrobel x 1, Luis Ramirez x 2, Taylor Bloye x 1, Junior Calderon x 1, Roger Leyton x 1, Shane Panzini x 2, David Sandlin x 1, Ben Sears x 1 and Samuel Valerio x 1, Kevin Varitek x 1, Nevan Dominguez x 1, Ted Elsner x 1, Eduardo Herrera x 1, Chazz Martinez x 1, Mauricio Veliz x 1 and Cam Cauley x 3 (161 total autographs).

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