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Saturday, February 4, 2023

TTM Success - Jerry DiPoto

A couple cards from 1994 and a nice Stadium Club card were sent out TTM and came back signed back in December.  The above 1994 Score Jerry DiPoto turned out nicely.
I really liked the above 1998 Stadium Club, and was glad I could get it signed.  Stadium Club always seems to be a nice product, and this set is pretty high quality.  The card is a bit thicker than a normal card and it super glossed; it almost seems shallacked.

DiPoto (b. 1968) played in the majors from 1993 to 2000 for the Indians, Mets and Rockies.  He had a record of 27-24 with 352 strike outs and a 4.05 ERA.

DiPoto has been a general manager for the Diamondbacks (2010), Angels (2011 to 2015) and Mariners (2015 to 2022).  He was promoted to President of Baseball operations by the Mariners in 2022.

I mailed to DiPoto on December 2 and got the cards back on December 12, for a 10-day TAT. 

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