Thursday, July 5, 2012

TTM Success - Steve Garvey

After taking a much needed and well deserved break, I had one of my padded mailers waiting for me in my mailbox this afternoon.  Inside my mailer was a signed baseball from Dodgers and Padres legend, Steve Garvey.
The 1972 NL MVP, Garvey (b. 1948) played in the majors from 1969 to 1987 for the Dodgers and Padres.  He retired with 2,599 hits, 272 home runs and a lifetime batting average of .294.  He won the World Series in 1981 with the Dodgers.
Garvey failed to be elected to the Hall of Fame in his 15 years of eligibility, garnering at most 42.6% of the vote in 1995.  He is a likely candidate to be elected when his turn comes via the Veterans Committee.

Garvey is my 62nd TTM success.  I mailed to him on June 26, 2012 and got him back today, July 5, 2012, making him a 9-day TAT.  Not bad considering there was a holiday in there.

Also, I apologize for not posting much lately.  I haven't had much to write about, I've been sick and I've been scraping and painting the ceiling in Chris' bedroom.  I plan on being back, now.  I got my 2012 Series 2 wrapper redemption packs in, so that could be my next post, unless I get another TTM tomorrow.  We'll see how I am feeling.  Anyway, leave me some comments, I missed you guys, even though it has only been a little over a week.


Dodgerbobble said...

Nice return! I wish I would've known you needed Garv, he's pretty accessible here in LA.

Drew said...

Welcome back! Everyone needs a break sometimes, don't worry one bit about that man. We're still here. Great success, the autograph looks so crisp and of course you can't top the player! Nice job!