Sunday, September 20, 2009

Putting a bow on my birthday

As a kid, birthdays were special. Pretty much like Christmas, but really your own special day. After I turned 18, they really became just another day to me, mainly because after that, my Mom was really the only person who would get me stuff. Now, I know what you're thinking... selfish, materialistic, blah blah blah. Yeah, don't tell me you don't like getting free stuff, haha. Anyway, Yes, I am aware that my wife gets me stuff too, but usually, its stuff that in the end, I'm paying for. Also, it is really hard to get me anything anyway because I, like my father, usually see something I want, and buy it for myself.

So, this year, I wasn't really expecting much. I was hoping for, really, just a few phone calls, maybe a few personal emails, etc. Some people remembered to call, some didn't. No big deal, like I said before, it really is just another day to me now... I was caught by surprise though, when Pete and P.A. both told me they had gotten me stuff.

Earlier, I posted from the Topps Chrome and A&G needs that Pete got me. Pete, I really appreciate that you remembered me. I don't do thank yous well (I usually write the thank you cards and forget to mail them), so here, in public, I'm saying thank you Pete.

Now, onto what I received from P.A.:

The Nolan Reimold Topps Chrome RC Auto I was really hoping to pull-and a personalized ball signed by THE Bryce Harper. Now, this was definitely unexpected from these guys, but it goes to show that the three-hour drive to the card shop is definitely worth more than the pay. Its more than that. I really have made some good friends, ones who I know I can count on, and definitely won't forget me :) Thanks again guys, you're the best!!!
Not to be left out, my wife did work hard to get a little something as well (seeing as we are really strapped for cash right now), and without me knowing, or having to pay for it myself, haha. She got a gift card to ebay for me, and I have a couple 1955 Topps I got with it on their way here to Greenville.

So, all in all, a pretty mediocre birthday was made much better by the thoughts from Mallory, Pete, P.A. and of course Mom. Thanks, it really means a lot that you guys went out of your way to try to make my day a little more special.


Drew said...

Jeez, nice Harper auto! And that Reimold dude!

William Regenthal said...

Dude, just so you know, P.A. is the MAN

Flash said...

PA does give some pretty sweet stuff. I'm glad you had a good birthday.

William Regenthal said...

Well, it definitely doesn't take away from what you got me. All around, some people surprised me. Even JJR at work did something really nice for me that I wasn't expecting.