Sunday, September 27, 2009

Card Shop Success

Saturday, while hanging at the shop, I picked up a pack of SP Legendary Cuts (which, in my opinion, is the best product UD has put out this year). Insode the pack was this awesome Cal Ripken that I knew, for sure, I didn't have in my collection. It is so hard, now, trying to figure out which Cal's I have and which I do not; seeing as I have 400+ of them... 400+ DIFFERENT Ripkens... Crazy, huh? I also picked up a pack of Topps Ticket to Stardam and pulled this WBC Ticket/Relic. I have no idea who the player is, but its a cool card nonetheless. Be sure to keep an eye on Pete's blog to see his awesome pull...Speaking of Pete, he hooked me up with the following UD Goodwin O's cards. I, for one, like the Goodwins, even though they are eerily similar to Topps' Allen & Ginter. I have seen a few really cool retired player cards (including Bo Jackson).

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