Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raleigh Card Show or Card Show on a Budget...

When Max sent me the email for the Raleigh card show, I originally thought that I wouldn't be able to go. We are on a TIGHT budget since we are paying rent + mortgage. When my birthday rolled around 2 weeks ago, my grandmother and step-grandfather (is that a word?) both gave me some money.

Deciding that a.) I know Grandma and Pastor T. wouldn't want me spending my birthday money on bills and that b.) I might be able to go to the show with Max, who, I haven't been able to spend as much time with as I would like due to both of our schedules; I decided that I was going to go.

I figured that, even with the limited amount of money at my disposal, I would try to knock some more 1955 Topps off of my list. Maybe even cross my fingers and be able to complete the set if we found a dealer looking to get some quick cash.

Max and I were able to sync up and arrange for me to pick him up at NCSU so that he could come as well. He, also, was a little strapped for cash, but did manage to save a little so that he might be able to begin his quest for starting the 1960 Topps set.

We were both disappointed when we got there that there were very few 'Vintage' dealers at the show. It turns out that there was a 'semi-national' show going on at the same time in Pennsylvania, and most of the bigger vintage dealers had gone to that show. Meaning, not a single person had any 1955s that I needed. If I needed some 1956s, I would have definitely been in luck.

After making the rounds at the show, we had seen a few random cards we both were interested in, but nothing jumped out at either of us like in previous shows. Max found a vendor who was selling the 1969 Topps Fold-Outs really cheap and picked up an Al Kaline for $2.00. While he was looking at the two Kalines in the stack, I saw a bird logo sticking out from farther down in the pile. Yep, Brooks Robinson!!!

I picked up the Brooks for $3.00. Not too bad! We also found a dealer who had a few vintage cards he was selling out of a box as a 'Sunday Special' for $0.50 each... I picked up 11 1970 Topps for $5.00 while Max picked up a good many 1960s for less than $10.

A few tables down, another vendor was selling loose cards from the 70s for $0.25 each and I was able to get an additional 19 1970s for $4.25.

Did I mention the 5 2003s I got from someone else for $0.25? I also gave Max $1.00 worth of quarters so he and Chris could rolld dice and win some cards (if you rolled 3 1's you could get an 89 Upper Deck Griffey RC). The ended up with something like 4 Yankees cards...

Based on my calculations, including the $4.00 entry into the show (thanks to Max for the $1.00 off coupon) it appears that I spent $17.50 total at the card show and ended up with some blog-worthy stuff.

We were definitely disappointed in the fact that neither of us were able to have that 'amazing' card show moment (see my previous post about getting the 1962 Mantle, or Max's post about his Kaline RC), but, seeing as how the both of us are struggling lately, we managed to have a productive outing.

As always, any time I am allowed to spend with Max, my best friend, is priceless in itself (go ahead and throw up in your mouth a little). I really appreciate being able to have such a close friend with the same interests as I. Thanks for making time to come and hang out buddy! Let's do it again the next time around in December!!

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Matt Runyon said...

That's a pretty good haul. I like being able to fill holes in sets. Keep pluggin' away. :)