Friday, July 3, 2009

Some more mail and a little housekeeping...

I received these two cards in the mail from Jay Bee as part of our deal for the Barack Obama 2009 Topps SP. Yes it was me who helped him complete his series 1 SP set. Max ended up with my Obama patch. Not that I have ANYTHING against Obama, I just figured those two would get much more out of them than I would. Anyway, I got these two Brian Roberts cards that I thought I had (and still may, but when you have been moving for 6 months, who knows where half your crap is). 2004 Topps Roberts, his first Topps base card, and 2006 Topps Gold.

HOUSEKEEPING: I would like to thank the 19 people who follow this blog, especially the main readers, my 'blog circle' which originated at All About Sports in Winston-Salem, and then included my buddy Max. Pete, P.A. Kim, it has been a year since we all really started talking cards (I look at the release of A&G as our 'anniversary'). If not for you guys, and now especially, Max, I don't know that I would be doing as much with my cards as I am. I have now worked 2 trades via my blog with dudes I had never met, and also sent a guy some via facebook. Usually those cards would just sit in a box in my closet or be assumed back into the cases of the shop., so thanks again guys, happy anniversary!

A few other notes, I finally figured out how to have my blog let me know when I get a comment, so, I should respond to them a lot better now. If I don't email you directly, check my blog often, as I usually respond as a comment of my own.

As you all may know, I have been in the process of selling my house and moving to Greenville since January. Our house STILL hasn't sold. If you know ANYONE who is talking about moving to the Charlotte, NC area, let me know. This crap (highway 42 - get THAT reference, haha) is getting old. It is this reason that I usually only file entries on Fridays through Sundays.

I had thought about blogging about the house selling experience, but by now, there would be too many cuss words and I would have to have an age disclaimer....

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