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Monday, April 6, 2009

Cards and Friendships...

For a long time, I chose my friends badly. 95% of the people I hung out with even 5 years ago are not around today. Most, if not all, of those people pretty much only hung out with me because I was easily accessable and loved to have a beverage or 12 and get crazy. Those days are long gone, and when the well dried up, a lot of people said 'F' you and took off. Sucks, I know.

I got myself into some trouble and cut out a lot of the late nights and partying, etc. I spent my saturdays working at the card shop because Babe needed a day off every now and again. Because I was working there once a week, I developed a good relationship with her. She and my wife also hit it off and have become best friends.

I met P.A. and Pete at the shop. Since then, both have been over to watch wrestling pay per views. P.A. and I plan on catching some minor league games this year (GO WIETERS).

I reconnected with my good friend Max because of cards. Now he's hooked... We also want to catch some games together as well, and its nice to have him close to Greenville. I can call him up and we can hit some of the Raleigh area shops. I have given him a 'welcome to the hobby kit' and he has taken off running with it, haha.

I'm really appreciative of the better relationships I have now due to my love for this hobby. If I tripped over some money tomorrow, I would open a card shop and spend my days sitting at the counter and shooting the breeze about baseball and the cards associated with them.

Along with the Orioles, I now follow because of my friends: The Tampa Bay Rays (Mike), Los Angeles Dodgers (Max), Atlanta Braves (Babe), The Texas Rangers and Houston Astros (P.A.) and Seattle (my wife, Mallory). Sorry Pete, I STILL hate the Yankees, lol.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a little different of a post instead of being cut and dry about 'I got this card, etc...'

Thanks to P.A. for coming to Wrestlemania last night and hooking me up with some sweet cards. I wish the rest of you were able to make it, we had a blast. Maybe next time! :)

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