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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Breakout Season?

I sure think so. Adam Jones will be a STAR. He has started off the season on a tear, and I, and others believe that the kid is on the verge of breaking out and becoming a HUGE star for the O's. People give the O's crap about losing for so long, but let me tell you, they have a lot to get excited about. Thankfully, they signed Roberts and Markakis to extensions. They stole Adam Jones from the Mariners for Erik Bedard, who was out on the DL for a lot of last season, and never impressed me much for taking himself out of ballgames. The cavalry is on the way as far as pitching, with Bergesen, Tillman, Arrieta, David Hernandez, and Brian Matusz all waiting for a shot to get to the majors. I think next year, instead of me yelling CC WHO? You'll be hearing me say 'Yankees/Red Sox/ Rays/ Jays WHO??'

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