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Friday, April 10, 2009

Amazing what you find when you have to box your stuff up...

I have been arranging and rearranging my cards while I am STILL in the process of selling my house (someone buy it PLEASE), taking stuff to Greenville, then looking through what i have IN Greenville to keep me from dying from boredom. I went through one of my many boxes in the storage facility and found the one in which I had placed my 13 rubbermaid 'shoe boxes.' Going through those boxes, looking for Russell Martin and Manny Ramirez cards for Max, I discovered 2 cards. One of which I had no clue I had, and the other, well, I thought I lost it somewhere...Card 1: 2006 Upper Deck WBC Inaugural Images Koji Uehara. Now, if the O's hadn't signed him this winter, i wouldn't give a crap about this card. BUT, since the O's DID sign him, well, when i found this among an assortment of other cards, well, you can imagine what i said... I think it rhymed with 'Oh Truck.' Ha ha. He also looked pretty good against the Yankees in his MLB debut, however, he did throw a LOT of pitches. I think he will be ever better next time around.

Card 2: Hank Aaron 1974 Topps #1. I already had this card in my 1974 set, but got it again real cheap at the card shop a while back. Then I forgot where I put it. Not good. Its amazing that i found the card in one of my boxes almost 35 years to the day that he broke the HR record. Supposedly, he will be throwing out the first pitch in the new W-S dash ballpark... Doubt I will be able to make it, but man, that would be cool.

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