Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 Topps Case Bust with P.A (Player to be Named), Pete (Dropped Third Strike) and Kim (Kimaloo)

I have to say that I am 100% satisfied with the 3 boxes of Jumbo 2009 Topps I received during our 'Case Bust' at All About SPorts in Winston-Salem, NC. Blake (the shop owner) was kind enough to hook us up on a deal for a case of Jumbo boxes.

I am very pleased overall with the photography of the cards. I plan on scanning and posting some of my favorites next weekend when I return from Greenville. I also plan on collating my set probably Monday evening. I should know whether or not I have the full series 1 or not by then. I do know that I have one of the special short printed alternate cards. More on that in a second.

So, here it is by the numbers:

3: Jumbo Boxes purchased and opened by me

4: target packs bought for me by P.A.

34: Topps Town and Topps Town Gold cards received

1: Card #44b- Barack Obama

31: Turkey Red cards received

2: Topps Black received

33: Topps Gold

29: Legends of the Game

2: Topps Silk (Brandon Webb and Andy Sonnanstine)

5: Career Best Jersey or Auto

29: Ring of Honor

3: WBC redemptions

3:Legends of the Game Patches (Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and CAL RIPKEN!!!)

2: 1/1 sketch cards (Nate McLouth and Josh Beckett) the Josh Beckett had substantial damage to the lower part of the card, so I am going to inquire to Topps about getting a replacement for it.

All in All, I am VERY pleased with Series 1 Topps. I hope Pete, Kim and P.A. are as well!!

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