Monday, June 10, 2024

Mom Goes Graphing

Our trip to Winston-Salem this past week got a little interesting after Chris and I sat with Mom Friday morning during her chemo treatment.  We had planned to sit with her since she would be missing Chris's graduation.  After the treatment, we dropped Mom off so she could nap, and Chris and I went and sat with Grandma again for a little aver an hour and a half.  We went back to Mom's after, and my dad suggested that I tale Mom with us so she could go to Chris's graduation anyway, as she was feeling pretty decent after the chemo.  

There was one catch, Chris and I already had tickets to High Point to see them take on the Staten Island FerryHawks and try to get Pablo Sandoval on a couple cards.  Mom said she'd go with us to the game, so I jumped online and found a ticket right behind the two we had already purchased. 
Mom ended up taking a Sandoval card and got it signed.  Sandoval was doing one per, so it was nice to get an additional card done.  She hung with Chris and I for a bit until she got Sandoval, then she found our seats and rested.  Boy, did she rest...
Chris snapped this picture to me of Mom dozing off as he and I racked the FerryHawks.  Still, it was fun for her to see us in action.
I had spent a good bit of time searching cards for this game; I also picked up (most) of the Drew Maggi cards shown above, as well as the above William Kirwan card showing him on the Frederick ?s.
I was able to rescue a bunch of cards from my boxes for this game.  The Joe Dunand cards above were last-minute finds right before we left town.
The Jimmie Sherfy cards I found were previously pulled last season in hopes of seeing him, but I didn't get to a game he was at.  The Mike Shawaryn cards came from an old team bag of cards sent back by Gerard.  I think I pulled them for him, then Shawaryn was let go by the Red Sox (I tbink).
Mom did wake up and enjoy the game.  She thought it was cool that she knew who Frank Viola was, so I sent her and Chris over to the High Point side post-game to try and get him while I figured out who Kirwan was.  They both cleaned up on my Violas.

I'm so glad Mom got to come and experience graphing with Chris and I.  She was able to get to Chris's graduation and got to see him walk, which was great.  She also made it to the party and met our friends, even a couple from our graphing group at the Wood Ducks.

In all, we got the following autographs: Frank Viola x 13, Joe Dunand x 2, Nate Griep x 8, Korry Howell x 2, William Kirwan x 1, Drew Maggi x 8, Pablo Sandoval x 3, Mike Shawaryn x 6 and Jimmie Sherfy x 3 (46 total autographs).