Monday, June 17, 2024

June 11-16, 2024, Graphing of the Riverdogs at Wood Ducks

Another series is in the books at the Wood Ducks as they inch their way toward their final game at Grainger Stadium. Arch rivals (I said it), the Charleston Riverdogs came into town for a 6-game set. The series had me go after 4 different Charleston guys, and I came really close to running out of stuff to get done by Sunday.  This was also without a good bit of help all week.
Chris was only able to accompany me to one game, and Jesse was only able to make a couple. I spent a few of the games sitting by myself for a good bit, but it was kind of relaxing.  I resigned myself to the fact that I may not get a lot done, then still finished off a couple guys.

Adrian Santana was super nice, as well as TJ Nichols.  Carlos Colmenarez (rightfully so) got tired of seeing me, so I stopped trying for him by Saturday.  The Wednesday game was a camp day, so Chris went with Jesse since I had to work.  I didn't send him with any cards to that one.  The Wood Ducks played Charleston well; they won the series 4-2, with three walkoff wins in a row.  It was a nice week, honestly.
Finally, Jojo Blackmon came back off of the IL, so I got another team set card out of the way.

In all, we got the following autographs: (Carlos Colmenarez x 16, TJ Nichols x 18, Jojo Blackmon x 3, Alejandro Rosario x 1, Chris Villamon x 3 and Adrian Santana x 33 (74 total autographs). 

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