Saturday, May 2, 2009

Got a friend looking for trading partners... email him.

Got this email the other day from one of my regulars from the card shop. He is looking for trading partners, so if you're interested, his email is at the bottom.

"Fellow collecting Friends!!! My name is Galen Sanderson in Clover, SC. I am "Shannansguy" on Ebay (100% Feedback as a seller). I have been collecting vintage cards for about ten years, and.......

I am actively seeking new trading partners for vintage (primarily late 1960's-early 80's) baseball cards.

I have many early to mid 70's cards as well as some late 70's, early to late 80's as well as some 90's (Griffey, Bonds, Maddux, Glavine, etc) to trade for same types of cards.

My primary interest are early to mid 70's cards with a focus right now on building Hostess, Post, and Kelloggs Cereal sets.

I am also building a fairly high grade 1976 Topps set as well as a high grade 1979/1980 set. I have approx 600 1978 Topps that grade out at VG+/EXMT and a few 74 & 77 Topps and I would be willing to trade THREE FOR ONE if you have high grade 76's, 79 or 80.

I would also be willing to trade for Mothers Cookies, Jello Cards, odd sets, etc. Main interest is in Hall of Fame players of 70's and 80's......and of course "the man" Pete Rose!

If you would be remotely interest in doing some trading, please provide a list of what you are wanting, willing to trade......and LET'S TALK TRADING TURKEY!!

Happy Collecting Gang!"

Galen P. Sanderson

I will be blogging about something later on today or tomorrow...

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