Thursday, January 29, 2009

Set complete: 1995 Donruss

13 years in the making, seriously! I first started this set way back when I was 14 going on 15. Mom used to take me to Sportscards & More in Winston-Salem (you may know it now as All About Sports) once a week and drop a lot of cash on me to buy cards. She would spoil me because one of my 2 oldest brothers would always come from his grandparents house once a week with all kinds of cool cards and rub them in my face (he had a different mother, hence the animosity). Mom did not approve of this behavior, so she took me there and spent something like $300.00 a WEEK on baseball cards for me (had I known thn what i know now, I would have definitely steered away from the mid-90's cards and would have racked up on 1970's and 60's etc... ANYWAY, we bought a couple of boxes worth of 1995 Donruss ad I realized that I may have enough to complete the set. I began the set in 1995 only to get out of the hobby in 1996 (when i got a car and a job and had to spend my own money on it, haha) and the incomplete set sat in my closet all these years.
When I got back into the hobby in 2005, I dug out what I could find of my old collection and found the box with the semi-complete 1995 set. I had looked around for a while and could not find any commons of this set, and got wrapped up it Topps sets, so this one took a back seat once again. A few weeks ago, Corbin (our little 16-year old office boy) and I went to the Matthews card shop (AAA Collectibles) and I decided that I was tired of seeing the 1995 set occupying the first page of my tattered red notebook. I was able to get all but 11 of the cards I needed. I went home and was able to find 2 more, the Frank Thomas and Cal Ripken (of course I had this one). This left me with 9 cards to go.
Thinking it was my last day at All About Sports, P.A. was kind enough to bring me a 'going away present' which consisted of the 9 cards I needed to put this set to bed. I got home and filed the last remaining cards away and ran through the set to make sure it WAS complete.


Because I am quite lazy, I'm sure I had the 2 cards that were STILL missing (500 and 538) but who knows where they could be, and the fact that I have packed 2/3 of my card room up already, I said heck with this and ordered the final 2 off of sportlots. They came today. So, the set is complete.

Thanks P.A.!!

Oh, did I mention that the guy who used to work at Sportscards & More in Winston-Salem looked exactly like Rafael Palmeiro? That was one of the reasons I liked Raffy so much growing up and why it is a travesty that he was caught using steroids... 'I knew it was you Fredo; you broke my heart. You broke my heart.'

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