Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 1991 Topps Box breaks...

Over the past 2 weeks, we (Pete, P.A., Kimaloo and I) busted 2 boxes of 1991 Topps at $20.00 total ($5.00 for each of us) for each box. Obviously, there wasn't the promise of a 'big hit' or anything like that (with the exception of looking for the Chipper Jones RC. I traded to P.A. a card of some old man who beat the snot out of Robin Ventura (Nolan Ryan) for some guy who played a lot of games in a row (Cal Ripken) when we broke the first box. I felt it was a pretty nice straight-up trade. Ater the second box yesterday, I have to say, I had more fun opening this stuff than I have had with some of the more recent releases. I liked how we would mock the awesomely bad mulletts, the stars that never were, etc. It had us reminiscing about Bo Jackson, Howard Johnson, Nolan giving an uppercut to Ventura, Cal and Billy as brothers and double play partners, etc. I highly recommending getting a couple of friends together, each dropping 5 bucks and opening a box of some 90's 'crap'. You just might remember why you fell in love with cards when you were a kid, instead of feeling all 'doom and gloom' about the collapse of the late 90's or the overabundance of autos and GU cards today. Here are some of the highlights from the 1991 box bust at All About Sports (shameless plug) last saturday and yesterday......I think the Roger Clemens is a really great photo, sometimes action shots aren't necessary and you can 'tell a good story' with a still photo... I had to put the Cal and Brady cards on here, one, because of the trade with P.A. (Nolan for Cal) and the fact that I was literally excited when I pulled the Brady (Ooooh Cool is what I said I think...). Finally, I think the best photo I saw out of the cards I opened was this:

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