Friday, January 23, 2009

Hall of Fame Day (Mail Day IV)

Woo Hoo! The hits keep on coming, I got 2 more 1955's in the mail today. Yogi Berra and Eddie Mathews. Not too bad, a little paper loss on the Yogi, but not too bad considering. Please leave me some comments. If you guys haven't noticed, when a comment is left for me, I usually try to respond in the same comment, so if you sent me one, odds are you have a response afterward. Thought I'd make sure that was out there!! Royal Rumble sunday, come and watch it!!!!


PAB said...

Awesome cards. The 55 list is dewendling down. Just think once you get the Koufax and Clemente it'll be all down hill.

RR prediction: I wouldn't be suprised if Cody Rhodes won. It'll be kind of like the evolution story line when Orton won the belt, and Triple H turned on him out of jealousy.

PAB said...

I'm ready for the Clemente card and post. Hope it gets to Cornelius soon.