Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best pull ever...

I had a kid come in the shop on Sat and ask me a good question... What IS the best card I have ever pulled? There are so many ways you can look at it (actual dollar value, sentimental value, etc...)
Is it the Gold Derek Jeter with Bush and Mantle that I was able to sell on Ebay for $265.00?

Is it the 1995 Leaf Statistical Standouts Cal Ripken, Jr. that my mom and I had busted packs for and I finally got it when she bought 2 packs and let me choose which I was going to open?

Is it the 4 pc jersey Cal Ripken SPX #'ed 8/25?

Is it the 2007 Topps Update Joba Reverse Negative?

The answer I gave the kid was kind of a mixed answer, i cited the Gold Jeter and the 4 pc Cal card... The most shocking pull was definitely the Gold Jeter. I pulled it in front of Babe at a trade night at the shop, after telling her 'Watch, the gold Jeter is in this pack...' I called it.

The most gratifying was pulling the Statistical Standout Ripken so long ago, because when i pulled it, Mom and I were collecting together and we were both looking for that card. It was listed at book value at the time $175.00. It definitely isn't worth that much now.

If you take into account that the definition of 'best pull' could be from a pack or box, basically, if you buy an assortment of cards and don't have a clue what is included, then my final answer to 'What is my best pull ever?' would have to be this:

I bought a 'shoebox of old baseball cards' (actual ebay title, no picture) for $20.00. The item description stated that 'for bid is a shoebox of old baseball cards from 1959 to 1984.' There were actually cards from 1957 to 1984, and at the time I was working on the 1984 topps set. I was able to knock a few hundred cards off my list for that set. BUT the best part of that shoebox was that 3 cards into it, i found this awesome 1960 Topps Stan Musial. There is a bit of a water stain on the back, but if you know me well enough, i'm not too big a stickler for condition as long as the card pleases me. So, long story short, I wuld have to say: 1960 Topps Stan Musial, bv ~$100.00.
So guys, what is your 'best pull?' Keep in mind it has to have been received via an assortment of cards, from a pack or from a box. And why is this your best pull? Don't worry, i'll inquire about your 'favorite card' later on... send me some comments!!

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