Sunday, June 21, 2009

Got some SP Legendary Cuts I wanted.

I got a pack of SP Legendary Cuts when I was cashing out at the shop last night, and Pete bought a few packs as well. I ended up with Both Nick The Stick (Markakis) and Brian Roberts. I am pretty much done with openingpacks of these right now because I got the two players I really wanted, but when their price comes down a bit, I may buy a box and attempt the set... I may also open a few more packs and see if I can get Max the Russell Martin base card. We'll see.

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JD's Daddy said...

In regards to the Russell Martin card, I have a couple extra if you need one. In fact, by tonight I will be able to post available SP legendary cuts on my blog, so if you are interested in obtaining a good majority of the base 100, check in to my site this evening (pacific time)