Monday, June 17, 2019

Pull of a Lifetime?

So, this happened yesterday.

I did a livestream on my Instagram as I busted my three jumbo boxes of Series 2 Topps.  I was boring folks to death reading off the names of the base cards, and showing the short prints, relics and autos until I hit this card in thr 8th pack (out of 10) of the third box.  Then I went nuts.  I think it was justified.
I waited to post it until I video chatted with some close friends separately on Snapchat, doing a slow reveal each time.  I wanted to see some of my friends' reactions, and they were all priceless.  Once I finished up with my good friend, Will, I got the card scanned and also posted it on my Instagram.

Now, the card will be headed to my safe deposit box, where it will reside with the rest of my treasured cards and baseballs.

I am really happy that I pulled this card.  It is truly beautiful.


Fuji said...

Wowza. Congratulations!

Daniel Wilson said...

That's an amazing card! Congrats!

BaseSetCalling said...

Heckz Yeahz!

That's the way to do it ... I especially like that such a solid hit came from a solid baseball card product like Series Two, and not from a $200+ lottery ticket box.


Corky said...

Congratulations, that is an amazing pull.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

great pull.