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Sunday, August 9, 2009

You've got mail... or, I've got mail... whatever.

Had some mail wiaitng for me as usual, but with my trip last weekend, it has taken me some time to get it posted. I still owe Drew for these two Orioles cards...

Oh Raffy, what are you doing? It still tears me up after 4 years knowing that Rafael Palmeiro was busted for steroids. Especially after waggling his finger defiantly in front of a congressional subcomittee (who was looking into corruption in baseball, when they really should have been looking into corruption in the banking and auto industries... but, hey, baseball is our national pasttime...). I still believe that Miguel Tejada had a whole heck of a lot to do with Palmeiro's suspension than he lets on. I was at the game when Palmeiro had hit # 2,990. Was a really great time. I hope that one day, some light will be shed on the whole thing and maybe he'll get in the hall of fame. I doubt it though.Ah, Rich Hill. I have heard some people say that if he can get his act together, he can be the ace of the Orioles staff. Wasn't that what everyone was hoping about Daniel Cabrera? Uggh. Anyway, I have seen Hill throw a few good outings, and I have seen him throw a few atrocious ones... Lets hope that the shoulder surgery he just had will correct the issues and maybe next year he will break out. Who knows.

Finally, I traded a 2006 Sweet Spot WBC swatch card for this SWEET Brian Roberts auto (along with a 3 piece jersey card with Manny on it- this went to 'someone else'). I think its a good looking card. Leave me some comments guys!!!


Nachos Grande said...

I haven't met an Allen & Ginter relic/auto/silk etc. yet that I haven't liked!

beardy said...

Nice haul! I think Roberts has a good signature.

Oh, and I tried to get that Hill auto from Drew as well, but it was already on it's way to you.

Drew said...

Great trade! Nice to see all of those cards in one piece!