Thursday, March 26, 2009

World Baseball Classic Redemptions

Wow. I just found out who I am recieving as my redemptions for the world baseball classic are. I'm very pleased: Yu Darvish, Jung Keun Bong and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Can't go wrong there. I'm especially glad i got the Darvish, hes pretty good....

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PAB said...

i checked mine the other day. I've got two Dice-Ks coming my way and one Yu Darvish. I'm pleased with Dice-K, but pumped about Darvish.

Darvish has enough built in hatred for America (his mother Japaneese - hence he could have some resent me for WW II - his father Iranian - need I say more) that if he does come over he'll either dominate our sport or bomb on purpose just to break America's heart.

Hopefully these cards will get here in a timely manner and without melted top loaders