Sunday, November 30, 2008

Card Show

I went to the card show at Metrolina Expo today in Charlotte with my son Christopher and my brothers John (31) and Andy (13). I allowed myself a budget of $200.00 that I have saved up frown working weekends at the card shop. This did not include the cost of admission, etc which was only $5.00 for myself and John. Kids 15 and under got in free.

I went hoping I could find a good partial set, wax box or commons of some of the sets I am trying to build. I was able to find 30+ 1970 Topps cards for my set which has been ongoing. The highlight of this would probably be the Harmon Killebrew. I already had the Nolan Ryan and Hank Aaron to name a few.

I was able to find the 1960 Topps Brooks Robinson I have been trying to find for some time now. It isn't in the greatest of shape, but I got it for $15.00 and I am completely satisfied.

I found 5 1955 topps to add to that set which I am not really taking too seriously (I will probably never be able to afford the Koufax or Clemente RCs). I paid probably $20.00 total for the 6 cards.

I got 2 1952 Topps cards (I have never had any of these). BV for them was $40.00 and $60.00 respectively and they both are in pretty good shape.

I got both of these for $15.00 total from a guy I bought a big stack of 1970 Topps. Also, from him, i got the big prize of the show....

I got my first Mickey Mantle card. This bad boy books for $600.00 (obviously that is for NM condition). I added this to my pile of 1970's and the 2 1952's; The guy quoted me $80.00 for it, I couldn't pass it up.

Finally, I got some random cards as well, about 6 1983 Topps and a Bill Ripken 'Rick Face' from Lee, a customer who shops in the shop regularly and I got 2 David Price Tristar Prospects Plus cards and a 2007 Evan Longoria Bowman. These 3 were $2.00 a piece.

To keep Andy from complaining, I gave him $5.00 so he could add 2 cards to his 'Dirty Name Hall of Fame.' He got a 1957 Topps Dick Groat and a 2007 Topps Rookie 52 Tim Lincecum. He's 13 and has a warped sense of humor.

To keep Christopher happy, I bought him a Lightning McQueen car (for peeing in the big boy potty at the show) and an E.T. stuffed animal. $9.00 total.

John sold some of his football cards for $40.00 and bought a Manny Ramirex Gold RC and a Mike Piazza 1992 Bowman RC.

All total, I exceeded my budget by $20.00, but I was very satisfied and got some stuff jknocked out of my 1970 set (esp high numbers). On the way out, I ran into Pete and his girlfriend Kim (fellow bloggers WOO HOO).

I was a little disappointed that not a whole lot of people were there, but given these economic times, you can kinda see that coming. Hopefuly this won't discourage people from having shows as it was a really nice way for my brothers, son and I to spend some time together.

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PAB said...

Nice find my friend. I'm glad you could add to your Brooks collection and were able to get your first card of The Mick. When I told my wife that you got a Mickey Mantle card the following conversation occured:
Me: "William also got a Mickey Mantle card at the card show!"

Wife: "Big deal you have like a thousand Mickey Mantle cards. Don't they come in like every pack of cards now?"

Me: "No William got a legit Mickey Mantle card from the 60's!"

Wife: "Oh that's cool. Maybe one day you can get a real Mickey Mantle card."

That is why I LOVE my wife. She may not really care about baseball cards, but she at least tolerates my love for them.