Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vintage Finds From the LCS

Chris and I went to the Local Card Shop yesterday to pick up a few supplies and discovered that the proprietor had a box of vintage cards that I have not gone through before.  In the box were some 1969 and 1971 Topps that I needed for my sets as well as a few other cards that I picked up for trades and for myself.  Some of the cards were in mint condition while others were probably VG-EX.  I had to have the above Mike Cuellar for my Cuellar PC.  It is a 1967 Topps, showing Cuellar with the Astros, just before he was traded to the Orioles and became a superstar.
Here is a 1964 Topps Jim Gentile that I picked up.  I grabbed all of the '64s that were in the box because I knew Wendell would give me a good price on the stack of cards (and I was right).

So, I was able to chip away at my sets.  1971 is looking like it might get completed this year.  I'm not so sure about 1969.  We'll have to be a bit more patient with that one, I think.

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