Monday, April 15, 2013

Finally Found a Trade Partner in Town

It has been over 4 years since I moved out this way from Charlotte, effectively leaving most of my friends and family behind.  It is hard for me to get out and meet folks.  I don't normally walk up to people and say "Hey, let's be friends.", because, well, that would be a bit creepy.

Anyway, the Town of Winterville (where I live) had a steak cookoff on Saturday.  They also had local vendors, carnival rides, etc.  One of the vendors was a young fellow named Corey who sells cards.  I had seen an ad he placed on facebook about selling a box of cards, so I made sure to stop by and say hello at the festival.

I did and took a look at his wares and ended up buying a few bucks worth.  A few things for myself and a few trade pieces.  Well, not really trade, more like 'random care package' stuff.  I got the above 1993 Upper Deck Grand Slam Cal Ripken, the below 2001 Upper Deck Endless Summer Brooks Robinson as well as a few random cards of Hall of Famers: Walter Johnson, Harry Heilmann and Hank Greenberg.
Corey dropped by last night and we went through a few boxes of cards together, just to show him a little bit of what I had available for sale/trade.  It was nice sitting in the comfort of my living room and talking cards with someone other than my wife.  She probably appreciates the break.
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