Friday, April 12, 2013

I Got The 1941 Virgil Trucks Negative Developed

So, I went to a photo shop in town yesterday and asked them if they could take the 1941 photo negative of Virgil Trucks that I had and develop it into a print.  They were able to, at the cost of $11.25.  For that price, I got the above (awesome!) 8x10 print, plus a photo CD.  Not too bad.  The photo came out looking really sharp.  A few people responded to the post I wrote (here) about the photo negative and had sent me photoshopped files of what the picture could look like, based on the photo I had taken of the negative (which was really cool.  I need to get out more).

Anyway, I bought a nice 8x10 frame for the picture and will hang it on the wall in the man cave.  I need to shift some things around so I can fit it on the wall, but it will look great, I'm sure.

Again, the photo is of Mr. Trucks, taken during the 1941 season in the Tigers' locker room.  1941 was Mr. Trucks rookie season, so This very well could have been taken toward the very beginning of his great career.
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