Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Mail Lately

I haven't gotten any good mail since my Virgil Trucks Photo Negative (and a thank you card from his daughter for sending her the audio copy of my interview).  I have a couple things pending, but who knows when they will arrive.

So, after being disappointed by a close loss by the O's tonight (man, they are swinging the bats!), I figured I better get something posted.  Here is that something.

Recently, I went to the card shop and got a few packs of 2013 Heritage.  In the last pack, I pulled this mini parallel of Detroit Tigers' pitcher, Max Scherzer.  It is hand numbered 100/100 (OH DEAR LORD, EBAY ONE OF ONE!!!!!).  Ahem.  It is hand numbered 100/100, which is kind of cool (Why couldn't I pull Verlander?).

Scherzer is pretty good (but he's not Verlander), so I guess I'm cool with pulling it.  I know a few Tiger fans who would love to have it, so, yeah, trade bait?

If anyone it interested, please shoot me an email.  Thanks!
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