Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Package From James

I got a nice package in the mail the other day from James over at Chipp 'n' Dale.  In the package was a score of Jim Thome cards that I did not already have in my collection.  The above 2004 Bowman's Best Thome is really sweet and it makes me really wish the Orioles teams of the 2000s were better since the only players I can get from that set are guys I don't want.  Oh well, good thing Thome was in the set.
I was also wondering how this 2012 Allen & Ginter highlight sketches Brooks Robinson eluded my collection.  It eludes me no longer as James was kind enough to send it my way.  Woo Hoo!

Also in the package, but not pictured were several of the Orioles post cards.  He sent me J. J. Hardy, Tommy Hunter, Chris Tillman and the Oriole Bird.  Pretty awesome!

Thanks for the package, James!  If you guys haven't checked out his blog already, he is a huge Braves fan.  Stop in and say hello to him!
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