Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pickup Trucks

Ahhh, I got some more Virgil Trucks cards! Finally! I feel like I haven't bought any cards in forever (which, is true).
Here is only my third 1952 Topps card. They are so iconic, and also pretty expensive. I think the card looks amazing. Yeah, so, it's not mint, but I don't care. It looks great.
The back of the card looks sharp, too. Trucks, as you all know, is such an awesome person. I'm always glad to get cards of his that I don't have.

Here is my first Black and White 1953 Bowman. Looks so sharp!!! I don't know anyone who doesn't think the 1953 Bowmans (Color or B&W) look amazing. I think they hit a grand slam with that design.

Ouch, Trucks' stats weren't that great the year before, but he will tell you that he was on a pretty bad team. It's a shame that he wasn't on better teams because I think that if he was, he would be in the Hall of Fame for sure. He is definitely in the Hall of Fame for awesome people, though, if there was one.
I got these two cards from a guy I met at the card show, he was the vendor behind me and had a lot of awesome vintage cards. He was the guy that I bought the 53 and 59 Topps Trucks cards from.
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