Saturday, February 1, 2020

50/50s From Reds Caravan

It's Fan Fest and Caravan season and a few of my Instagram trading buddies offered to take some 50/50s for me.

A guy named Andrew that I've done 50/50s with in the past hooked me up by taking a bunch of my cards to Reds Caravan (a different one that what my buddy Kaleb went to).
Andrew got me a huge assortment of cards signed, including several that he had leftover from what I sent last year. I'm pretty much out of David Bell and Tom Hume cards now, which is good because it makes room for new cards in my boxes.
I really appreciate Andrew taking the time to reach out and help me with getting this stuff signed. I'm hoping he and I can do some more 50/50s this summer.

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