Thursday, March 19, 2015

Care Package From Fred - 1978 Topps Eddie Murray RC

There is a guy on Instagram who hails from NC, just like I do, that I talk to every now and then about collecting.  His name is Fred, and he goes by the handle 1steeleman.  Fred and I haven't ever traded before, but we talk about it a lot.  We just haven't ever really pulled the trigger on a deal, especially since Fred is a big fan of vintage, and it is really hard for me to part with any significant stuff from that era.

While Fred and I have chatted, I have determined that he is a really good guy.  I think he might be a couple years older than I am, so he is one of the few adults on Instagram, at least from what I have seen.  With him being from NC, I'm certain that we will be meeting in person much sooner rather than later, especially if I go to and of the upcoming card shows in the area.

Anyway, Fred surprised me with a care package the other day saying that he appreciated what all I did for the card community and also to help keep the NC collecting strong.  I wasn't expecting this card, however, when I opened the package.  I was really excited to see this Eddie Murray RC inside the padded mailer.

Going back to my post about Ryu the other day, and now this one about Fred, I really am happy that I am a part of this community.  That's what we are, a community.  Sure, there are some folks in it for the money, but when you can look past those folks and find a Fred who gives without thought of reward, well, that really makes this a great place to be.  I can't wait for the day to meet him in person and shake his hand.

Thank you so much for the card, Fred!  I really appreciate it, and I hope to be able to find something good for your collection one day.
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