Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ebay Pickup - 2013 Topps Nolan Reimold Blue Sparkle

Today is the day that Nolan Reimold comes off the DL and is inserted into the Orioles' lineup.  What better way to celebrate his return than to show off an absolutely beautiful 2013 Topps Blue Sparkle parallel that I picked up recently from Ebay.

The Orioles mean business lately, having swept the division rival Yankees to completing a trade today to shed two under-performing pitchers for a AAA catcher and a starter who can help stabilize the rotation.  Also, the Orioles got back oft-injured second baseman, Brian Roberts.  They will get Wei-yin Chen back off of the DL later this week as well.  I'm really excited to see the team taking shape.  I hope injuries can be dodged and they can really start to chip away at the Red Sox lead in the AL East standings.  Reimold can definitely help.  His hamstring issues appear to be behind him and he has moved further away from the major neck surgery he had last year.  I really want him to come off of the DL strong and make an instant contribution to the team.

Let's go O's!  Never too early for a playoff push!
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