Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Surprise From Erik

I made a new friend recently via this blog, which is something I truly enjoy.  He just recently started a blog, Erik's Sports Cards, which I recommend you all take a look at and follow.  Anyway, after my box break of 2013 Topps Series 2, Erik emailed me asking if I had pulled the David Ortiz Boston Strong SP, which I hadn't.  He had told me in the email that the card held a special meaning to him, so I took a look around online and found one on Ebay for a really cheap price.  I picked up the card for him and sent it to him, asking for nothing in return.

I'm not one who likes to broadcast my charitable endeavors because I enjoy just doing nice things for folks.  Reading the email Erik sent me afterward and the post on his blog that followed was something I really enjoyed.  I'm so glad that some small gesture on my part meant so much to a guy who is seemigly getting started in this awesome hobby of ours.

Erik surprised me when I got a package in the mail today that contained this 2013 Topps Blue Sparkle Tommy Hunter.  I sincerely didn't want anything in return for the Ortiz card, but I appreciate his thought in sending something back.  The card is beautiful and Hunter's cremecicle jersey really pops off of it.

Thanks so much for the card, Erik!  I really appreciate it and I hope you continue to add to your blog!
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