Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sox Fest Autos From Max

My awesome friend, Max, has helped me out a ton in adding autographs to my collection.  He has now begun to really help me knock out tough cards for my 1987 set.  Harold Baines is someone that I thought I would have a really hard time in adding to the set, but Max was able to get this card signed with no problems at all at White Sox Fest.
Max has really bought into my Topps Autograph Project, and got these nice vintage issues signed, from Ken Harrelson.  I am pretty sure I sent these to him for the event; and if I did, they came out of the vintage box at my LCS.
The above 1972 Topps Ed Farmer is yet another card that I robbed from my 1972 partial set.  I probably have taken 30 or so cards out of that box and either traded them or sent them out for TTMs.
Finally, here are a few other cards that Max sent along.  We both lamented the fact that I didn't think ahead enough to send the 87 Daryl Boston to him, but he has one and plans on working to get it signed sometime in the not too distant future.

Thank you so much for the autographs, Max!

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