Monday, November 10, 2014

Set Pickups From Sportlots

I knocked off a bunch of set needs from Sportlots recently when I picked up several cards for 1959 and 1997 Topps, 2013 Topps Chrome and 2014 Topps Update.

I made the biggest dent in my 1997 set (which I still haven't posted my needs on my wishlist, but I plan on getting around to it, I promise).  I got 40 cards that I needed, the most prominent ones being this Chipper Jones and also Greg Maddux.  I like this set, but I have really neglected completing it since I have been concentrating on 1959 and 1969.  I plan on finishing this up really soon so it will be out of the way, then all I will need to finish from the 90s will be 1994 and 1995.
Another set I completely neglected was 2013 Topps Chrome.  I just stopped looking for them right after they came out and the box has been languishing in my closet.  My intention was to complete this set (and also 2014 Topps Update), but one Sportlots seller apparently failed to send multiple orders so everything I requested from him was canceled.  This means that my 2013 Chrome and 2014 Update set completions will have to wait.
I also added 3 1959 Topps cards that I needed, bringing me down to 94 that I need for completion.  Those high numbers are still tough, but I got the biggest ones out of the way with the Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays All Stars.

Maybe in the coming weeks you'll see that I actually finished a couple of these sets.  Man, I hope so, because I need to relocate some of these set boxes so I can move others in their place.
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