Saturday, November 15, 2014

Instagram Trade With Scott - Major Set Needs

I completed a trade with my new friend, Scott F., when I sent him a nice Madison Bumgarner auto from Tristar Prospects Plus in exchange for 31 Topps Chrome cards I needed for my set and also 5 2013 Topps emerald parallels for that set.

The 2014 Chromes made a huge dent in what I needed in order to complete my set.  I'd like to get that one complete pretty soon as well.
Completing the 2013 emerald set is another matter in itself.  This one has slowed down quite a bit.  I need to find some dealers at shows who have these available, but I haven't been all that aggressive in looking.  I'll get it done sometime, though.  When I do, I fully intend on putting these in an album, as opposed to how I normally store my sets, in long boxes.

Scott also sent some nice parallels and a couple autos, one of which will be sent to a friend of mine soon.  The other cards he sent, I'll put them aside and show them in a later post.

Thanks for the trade, Scott!
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